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The Origin of the Susabella Passengers and Friends' Series Books Magazine's Name and History.
     Over thirty-five years ago, thirteen lifetime friends were golfing and playing tennis at the Holly Inn in Pinehurst, North Carolina and were spending the afternoon in the dining room, over dessert, discussing "childhood."  Someone mentioned "Children's Series Books" and suddenly the group was alive with focused interest.  Each of the friends had a childhood story to tell regarding his or her enjoyment of reading series books as a youngster.
     Three hours later, the group stood to leave the dining room as a newly formed "Lucky Circle II" club, with a mission to explore and preserve the lore and history of children's series books; plus, to meet on a regular basis at small conventions to discuss the genre.
     The series Beverly Gray Mystery Stories by author Clair Blank most impressed the group, so the name of the yacht in that series was chosen as part of the name for a newsletter that was to be privately printed as "Susabella Passengers," a magazine about ALL series books.  The "Susabella Passengers" refers to Beverly Gray and her shipmates in the series.  The "and friends" being the subscribers to the series newsletter.  The newsletter continued to be published six times per year and circulated from 1968 to 1994.  At that time, Gail-Lothe Wood, Garrett Lothe's sister, initiated the magazine as it is today.
     The "Lucky Circle" name was chosen from the Beverly Gray series as well.  Beverly and her hometown high school chums had a club called Lucky Circle.  The Lucky Circle II club continues to this day to meet regularly and discuss series books with a focus on a specific theme.  The mission statement is -- A Positive Slant on Series Books.  The magazine exhibits a personal touch regarding readers and collectors of series books.
     Each year an award is presented for successful writing in Susabella Passengers and Friends series book magazine.  The award is called "Susabella Passengers and Friends' Margaret Sutton Writer's Award."
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